Casting Opportunity – For MetroPark on Amazon

Often I get tips from a friend for casting and I wanted to share it with my subscribers of ARG Studio Newsletter.  This is a paid acting role, high end comedic non-union series currently on Amazon called MetroPark (click here for IMDB details) starting shoot Sept 10th and onward. Go through the breakdown and if you feel you are right please submit to it ASAP. 

Please review the breakdowns below, if you feel you are right for something, please tell casting which role or roles you are submitting for and include a link to your reel and attach a head shot and resume directly to and let them know that Anthony from ARG Studio sent you. Good luck!

14 to 16 year old caucasian girl – High school junior and best friends with Pankaj. She often visits the Patel family house to do home work with Pankaj. The parents suspect there is a brooding relationship between them.

30s M Caucasian – Middle-aged caucasian male. Khaki and blue shirt wearing type of guy. He is Kannan’s boss who never takes a leave from work. Even on his sick days, we can see him walking around the office via his teleconferencing walking iPad robot.

30s F CaucasianCaucasian female 30s. Bored out of her job and very mechanical. She is so good at her job that she can practically do it in her sleep.

Late 20s , early 30s caucasian male. Indian bride Priyanka thinks he looks like Nick Jonas (Actually he looks quite to opposite). But he is smitten by his few finance and will do anything to please her.

20 F Caucasian – An overly enthusiastic guide who is the face of the Pre-School program.

Late 30s – COP. A town regular who occasionally drops in for coffee. He gets spit on accidentally by Lal-bhai.

Late 30s any ethnicity. Particular about his coffee and has his mood swings if he doesn’t get his coffee right in the morning.

20s Caucasian Male. A millennial who recently turned vegan. He enters Kalpesh’s convenient store thinking there is non-dairy milk and confuses the hell out of Kalpesh.

20s – Any ethnicity (NON INDIAN). She comes to the store with her conman boyfriend to steal a few items. She has a very manipulative with her words and the truth is that she will never get caught.

20s Any ethnicity male (NON INDIAN). Con girl’s boyfriend. His job is to walk the aisle and steal products while his girlfriend distracts the workers.

20s or early 30s F (any ethnicity). Attractive. Fit. Can pull off a miniskirt. This is the kind of girl that a guy will look at twice and will later get yelled at from his girlfriend.

30s Caucasian Male. Has gone all in on the organic farming business. Once a corporate guy, now he waits for the Sunday farmers market to sell his apples and other goodies to suburban families.

20s Caucasian Male. Someone who couldn’t quite get the job at the apple genius bar so he opted to a job at the “ifix it” place. He is at the front line of customer service. The one who takes down the issues with your electric items and communicates it to the tech guys in the back.

40s Caucasian Male. Serious about his role as a Parks and Recreation officer. He starts to find crumbled paper in the park lake and seeks to find the culprit.

20s Caucasian Male – Manages the Pool activities and also the senior lifeguard.

Mid 30s caucasian bartender. She’s been bartending at the same bar for the past 9 years. She know the drinks for every customer who walks in.

Mid 30s Female Any ethnicity. Has been working at the county building for several years. Knows her job well.

Late 20’s Hispanic hipster who has come into get his haircut. Needs to speak Spanish.

Mid 20s caucasian with European accent (French). A Well spoken, well mannered waiter who works at a Michelin star restaurant in NYC.

Hotdog vendor at the Zoo park, Now she sells Samosas and Chaat instead of Hot dogs.