Setting Goals For Powerful Changes in 2021!

Hey guys, so 2021 is off and running! Many people make goals for the New Year. Every January, actors make a list of goals they want to achieve so here are a few tips to keep you on your track!

1. Create goals but make them short term goals! Try and make them no more than 4 months and less than 5 things so they can be attainable and you can see results sooner.

2. Be realistic. Dream big but make your goals short and realistic.

Here is an example –

a) I want to take 3 Workshops with agents /CD’s,

b) revamp resume, or

c) revamp reels, or create a scene for reel

d) 2 co- star auditions,

e) Take an online class

3. Create an action plan and look for resources to help you get those things accomplished on your list. There are plenty of resources out there. Go to actors social media groups and ask in there.

4. This one is my favorite! Create a chart time line from start to finish and count backwards and mark all the things in between that has to happen to get it done!

3. Write them down every day if you journal or type it in your phone to read every day and feel free to share with close friends. Get it out there! Better chance of keeping your word.

4. Ask someone to be an accountability partner and vice versa! My suggestion is to check in once a week either through email or text only. Just to report what got done and take turns. No phone calls because they lead to idle chit chat.

5. Make it fun too! Example:

a) Go on a date

b) learn to cook something new or learn an instrument.

c) book an exotic vacation

d) Exercise 3 x a week

e) meditate 3 x week

6 Finding the Balance – that is key

live out loud

So what are you waiting for, make your goals! And enjoy!