Sharing My Acting Advice on Award Nominated Talk Show

I wanted to share some acting advice I gave at a recent interview on an award winning Motivational Talk Show called Motivations. I was able to discuss how I’ve sustained a 35 yr career as an actor and coach and forming ARG Studios. Feel free to check out the tips below or watch the full interview.

My Best Advice to Sustaining A Long Acting Career

1-  “Live” a life – your best life – Open your heart to love  – travel –  eat good foods – see art – read good books, meditate as Sir Anthony Hopkins once said: “no one is getting out here alive”. Fill the “well” to bring life and experiences into your art.

2. Find a  good parallel career-  Something you enjoy that can support your artistry.  Look at what you do naturally so it doesn’t feel like work. You’ll be surprised with what you can find. 

3. Set goals – Manifest – make a plan. They don’t have to be big, make them 5 months or less. But continue to dream big. Take baby steps to get closer to your goal.

4. Take classes – stay fresh and stay inspired by fellow students. Being around like-minded people. creating art. helps keep you on purpose and closer to your goals.

5. See Art – read plays and go see theatre (or watch since covid canceled live theatre )  – Broadway or off broadway – study the greats. There are inexpensive ways to see great theatre. 

6. Surround yourself with movers and shakers – people engaging in art. Making films, writing and creating art.

A Brief About The Interview:


Anthony Robert Grasso is a performing artist in the entertainment industry business for over thirty years. As an Award-winning actor, director and owner/teacher of ARG Studios, he has worked in Tish undergrad program, NYCDA, NYFA, and the Papermill Playhouse and Rockford University in Chicago. Currently he is the Founder/Owner of ARG studios where he teaches on-going private classes for over eighty plus students with a waitlist. He holds master classes each summer in Europe, London, Florence, and Scotland.

Amongst teaching, he has been cast in over a dozen indie film productions and network television shows, including Guest Stars on CBS’s FBI, Law & Order, Gotham, and a recurring role on Jessica Jones.

Grasso is now inspiring others on his special guest appearance on RNF’s Award-nominated network television talk show Motivations. Watch his full special below at the end of this article.