ARG Student Ariana Cordero Books Guest Star on Dick Wolf’s FBI Most Wanted

Congratulations to my long term student Ariana Cordero for her recent Guest Star appearance on FBI’s Most Wanted opposite Julian McMahon and I couldn’t be more proud as her teacher. You too can also learn how to book a Guest Star. First Ariana and I worked on rebranding her Headshots, which she also shot with me as well as take my Tuesday night classes for the  past year. From there we’ve been working on more mature roles in class.

Ariana and worked together to have her embrace her Latinx culture as a continued entry into the industry. And after a lot of work, boom! Ariana booked a young mature Latina woman and came off like a pro. Congrats again and well deserved Ariana!!!

I can help you get more opportunities to read and book for a Co-star, Guest Star, Recurring and Series Regular. Here’s a quick cheat sheet to get you on the right track:

7 Quick Tips Toward Booking a Guest Star! 
1. Learn the formula in the script needed to make strong choices – weather costar or guest star 
2. Research the show – know the characters you are reading with and the story line 
3. Research the character occupation – ex: if lawyer or doctor  know the terminology as if you say it everyday with ease 
4. Know the pacing of the TV show your auditioning for 
5. Know the genre in which it is i.e. comedy sitcom or drama 
6. Know what your brand is and how to bring it. 
7. Most importantly have fun and honor yourself – bring you!  Because no one can be better at you than you.