Top 8 Things To Help Prepare Your “Pitch” or your “Spiel” for Agent and/or CD Workshops

So many actors are doing virtual workshops with agents and CD’s. And many are being asked the dreaded question, “tell me a little about yourself?”. One of my goals for my students for 2021 is to help get them an agent this year! So what better way to start than by knowing how to create your “spiel” or “pitch.” Here are a few tips I covered this past few weeks in my weekly online classes. Read all the tips below so that you have your “Story” or “Spiel” ready to go if asked.

1. Talk to one person not the entire group. It will sound more personal. Keep it short no longer than 1 1/2 minutes. 

2. Mention something specific if you’re asked a stock question. Often a stock answer is easily forgettable. For example, share a small personal antidote about how you came into the biz or how you are coming back to the biz.

3. Mention if you have a family or children, homeowner and where you are from – they are looking to see you and to relate to you and may have common interests. 

4. Don’t list your resume- they have it in front of them. Do mention new stuff or exciting bookings etc. 

5. Another tip to stay relaxed is to say (in your mind) your best friend’s name, a sibling or a spouse before you start speaking.  It will keep you relaxed and real and help you find your flow.

6. Do not rehearse nor memorize it and do not read off a cue card. Instead bullet points are better to keep you hitting your key moments and stay on track.  But again keep it real and simple. 

7. If you have a survival job – make sure it sounds flexible and mention it later. Always start with who you are and what you do. Like “Hi! I am (name) and I’m an actor writer director…” – etc.

8. Have fun (smile more when you are talking about yourself and about positive things). People tend to smile back and don’t forget to bring your personality – often people want to see if you are fun and easy to work with.