Top 9 Questions That Might Be Asked At An Agent Interview!

As the industry slowly starts to pick up again, many actors have been polishing their resumes, reels and websites to be ready, working on the craft. And all of that is exactly the right thing to do. You know what else is a good idea? Getting ready for the agent Interview! And if you have been auditioning with agents or have plans to do so in the coming weeks, you need to be prepared.

Yes! I’ve put together a cheat sheet for you as a guide below.

We all know as actors, that sometimes our nerves get the better of us and what could have been a great interview sometimes doesn’t work out.  Here’s some advice to make sure you and the agent have a great  experience every single time. Remember that when you answer these questions you should frame you answer in a positive way.

Agent Top 9 questions that might be asked at your agent interview!

Following is the list of frequently asked questions that may occur in the interview process with an agent or manager!

1. What are you doing? Mention positive things you are doing. Have a 1-3 things to chat about. Even if not much is going on – you can think of 2 things.

2. What have you done recently? Again mention only 1-3 things you have done. All related to being proactive.

3. What CD knows of your work or whom you booked with. Have a list handy typed out to offer them.

4. What made you come into acting? With this question have a short acting related story to tell.

5. Where do you want your career to go? Be realistic- give them a 1-4 yr plan.

6. Where are you from? Share a specific story about where you are from. This will help them know your cadence and sensibilities to pitch you.

7. Who else have you been working with? Other agents you might be freelancing with.

8. What are some recent successes you have had lately? Any positive callbacks, films, plays, film festivals, bookings or part you are working on in classes that you are currently involved in.

9. What is your day job? They are trying to find out your availability. Make sure to ask them a question. Make sure if have a day job- mention you have flexibility.

Few things to remember:

  • In the interview you want to come off as busy, with your career.
  • Mention bookings, classes, auditions and work of course.
  • They are looking at your personality. So share a short story about you.
  • Let them know you have a huge tank of gas to use instead of waiting for them to get you going.
  • People want to work with busy people.
  • Lastly they make only 10 percent of your earnings so you need to do the
    majority of the work to help them help you!