9 Tips For Great Headshots

As an head shot photographer and as an actor/director/teacher, I believe your head shot is your most important marketing tool – it is your calling card. The right head shot will get you called in for a variety of roles for Theatre, as well as for TV and Film projects you’re right for. A former casting director for NBC Primetime and now producer/co-creator for High Maintenance, Katja Blichfield, would say “I need you to be the ‘go to’ person for that type of role. So branding is essential in your work and from your head shot.”

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6 Tips For A Great Zoom Audition

How to do effective Zoom Auditions! And with the industry leaning toward more at home Zoom auditions, it sounds like a great idea, afterall Eco Cast Auditions have started and these few steps can help represent yourself at your best, so let’s do it!

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