6 Tips For A Great Zoom Audition

In a recent social post I asked my subscribers and FB friends what acting tips should I share next and the consensus was how to do effective Zoom Auditions! And with the industry leaning toward more at home Zoom auditions, it sounds like a great idea, afterall Eco Cast Auditions have started and these few steps can help represent yourself at your best, so let’s do it!

Tip 1

You Need a Good Background so you are not showing your office, bedroom or living room.

I recommend Blue – Gray pop up collapsible background from amazon! It can get to you in less then three – four days. This will give you options- if you are wearing blue and match the blue you don’t want to look like a floating head. So use the gray! And vice versa.

Blue -& gray reversible collapsible background
(click here for Amazon product)

Tip 2

You’ll need effective lighting. Unless you have great natural light coming from windows- always position yourself looking at the window and never have a window behind you.

If no natural light

I suggest Ring Light Neewer is a brand that I like.

Its large enough and gives the best control of light. Link is below. Come swith a iphone or smart phone hook up in the center of the ring.

Neewer Ring light with Stand -99.99
(click here for product link)

Also you can get Soft box light kit. Poostion higher than your face and a sloght angle down. You in the middle so ther is a nice cross light so no shadows behind you.

Soft box Photography lighting kit – 65.99
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Others light options on Amazon
(click here for product link)

Tip 3

Using the reader

Go to the gallery view in ZOOM to have only you and your reader and place a post over your face so not to look at you.

Works great.

Tip 4

Eye line

Where is the best place to look.

You can use your reader but make sure they are close in proximity to the camera on computer. I suggest 2 inches to the right or the left of cpmputer camera is a great spot. The space is different on computer camera then a regular camera. Same for the phone.

Use any tape to mark if more than one person is in the scene and need more than one point of attention.

Tip 5

Vocal range

How far to reach with your vocals? Pretend the person is exactly as far as the computer or phone screen.

Practice using your hand (as I demonstrate in the video) extended facing your hand to you so you can imagine the person in the zoom room into your room.

Tip 6

Have fun!