From a young age, the daring demands of the artist life called to me. I was a prodigy art major as early as elementary school age. But it was my Father’s & Mother’s love for old movies and music that inspired me to fall in love with cinema. Both my parents encouraged me to follow my heart and they never stifled my voice as a precocious freethinker. I also learned a thing or two about getting knocked down and getting back up by growing up with 3 older siblings. They would challenge me daily with scrappy combat. This laid the groundwork for my career as an artist, actor – director – teacher in Film, Television and Theatre that spans over 30 years.

‘One of my teachers said to me, “You have the spirit of a soldier and the heart of a poet.” I’d like to believe that I have honored those words by living my life as a true artist.’
‘As an actor I look for diverse roles that challenge me: a grieving father, a conflicted priest, a conflicted artist, a belligerent chef, a desperate accountant, an emotionally injured CEO turned predator, a Doctor on the verge, a bumbling assassin, a corrupt mayor, and a romantic lead looking for a casual encounter and finds love.’


My studies were at the British American Drama Academy in Oxford England, The Actor’s Studio and Sanford Meisner training from first generation instructors from The Neighborhood Playhouse. I earned my BFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC.


Independent features and short films such as Gun Hill Road (Sundance 2011), Billy’s Cult (Distribution 2013), and The Pigeon Egg Strategy (Sundance 1999- shot in Hong Kong) were diverse and exciting. 

Indie award winner Kill Al – sci-fi thriller has been selected in over 50 festivals in the US, Europe an Asia. It garnered multiple Best short film awards, including Best director, best screenplay and three Best Actor awards here in the US and in Japan. The indie controversial short film The Blind Date (story about the reversal of roe vs wade) also won multiple awards for Best Picture including two Best Actor awards. The hilarious Indie RomCom, Swiped Right earned another Best Actor award. The film went on to win several Best Short Comedy awards and the Audience Choice Award.


Guest Star CBS FBI, Marvel’s Jessica Jones (Recurring), Gotham (Guest Star), and Co-Star roles on The Sinner,  Blue Bloods, Person Of Interest, Wall Street Project (Pilot with Jon Cusack), Unforgettable, Law & Order, Law & Order CI And Law & Order SVU, The Black Donnelley’s, NYPD Blue, and Sex & The City.

Appeared in both National and Regional commercials and was fortunate to have worked with one of my favorite film directors, M. Night Shamalayan on his AMEX Campaign, which aired during the 2005 Oscars.


“I had seen Anthony’s work before, and was thrilled he came on board my project. His work was nuanced, authentic and flawless. His professionalism was on par with what would expect from a seasoned pro, and when we were under the gun for time and our young actress was getting tired, he was an uplifting spirit on set. Looking forward to working with him again.”
 – Colleen Davie Janes

Anthony is a smart actor… he really gets it. He’s funny, balls-to-the-wall awesome and charming as all get out. 
Anthony knows how to make me look good in the room by coming in on point and well-prepared. And those eyes….yaaaaas. 
Happy to say that I’ve cast him and my team loved working with him. I can depend on Anthony.  And he’s straight-up adorable.
– Brette Goldstein- Casting Director

Anthony Grasso is brilliant. His thoughtful and unique perspective of each role he inhabits not only lifts the character off the page and onto the screen in ways a writer and a director can only dream about, but he makes them completely his own. With Anthony, it’s personal — every character he portrays he inhabits completely – as if they’ve been living in him forever.  It’s awe inspiring to watch him transform before your eyes.  He is a true artist.  He is also delightful to work with, good natured, dedicated to craft, and professional.  I also must add –  his comedic timing is impeccable. He has literally made me laugh out loud on set and in the edit bay.  He just gets it.  But what I most admire about Anthony is that his love for the work shines through in everything he does.
Dana Marisa Schoenfeld Director-Writer

Anthony Grasso is the true definition of a professional. His knowledge both in front of and behind the camera makes him an outstanding asset on set. He analyzes a scene and can truly bring a character to life. I look forward to working with Anthony again. “
– Michael Lucas – Director of Billy’s Cult

“The great thing about working with Anthony Grasso is that he makes you feel comfortable about yourself and your work, so you find yourself in a place where you can open up and just let the energy flow… He understands human psyche and caters to each individual, to be able to tap into their own selves to be the best actor they can be. “
– Sam Feuer – Producer of THE FIRST GRADER, Sixth Sense Productions

“Anthony was wonderful to collaborate with. A real pro.  He showed us great depth and brought sincerity and passion to his role in “Soothsayer”. Before our first shooting day,  he called to discuss Dr. Serling’s underlying motivations. As the film’s director and writer, I appreciated  that he took care to know who we were asking him to portray. His preparation is masterfully represented in his performance.”
– Tom Ryan  Theatre of Terror, LLC.


Anthony Grasso is a  passionate gifted, actor, his presence on screen is mesmerizing and his on set professionalism is an asset to any production!
Donna McKenna, CSA Casting Director/ Independent Film Producer

Anthony Grasso steals the screen in the short The Last Night dir by Nick Job. He’s pure talent. He delivers a subtle and powerful performance and makes this short worth of your attention.
– Reinaldo Green Director Sundance Film Festival 2015 and 2017 – TOP BOY – series – 

I have worked with Anthony as an actor and as a director and I strongly recommend hiring him, as our collaborations always bring the best of the material. Knowledgeable, personable, professional and very committed to his craft, being on set with him is a rich experience that I would never like to miss.

Miguel Garzón Martínez – Writer, Director and Editor –

They say 90% of directing is casting. Working with Anthony Grasso, I couldn’t agree more. I was honoured to have Anthony play the lead in my sci-fi thriller, KILL AL. Anthony is completely captivating in the role because he has no fear and is completely in-touch with his innate talent. The choices Anthony made were bold, brave, and extremely complex. He is the type of actor that brings himself into a role while adding layers to the character that is not written on the page. – Walter Brandes – WRITER/DIRECTOR KILL AL